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Thursday, November 27, 2014

So Thankful for these two little Turkey's!

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours! Hope everyone enjoyed time with family and friends! 
Xo, Kelly 

Happy Thanksgiving Morning!

We are all ready and so excited! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! I had so much fun decorating the table this year! I used real pumpkins, spray painted them a glittery gold and added flowers to the biggest one as a centerpiece! 
The centerpiece was super easy to make! 

I cut the opening at the Roland took out the insides of the pumpkin! Next I  spray painted the pumpkin. When it was dry I placed a small bowl of water in the center of the pumpkin and gel it in place by using paper towels all around it or support. Next I made a grid with bamboo sticks, to hold the flowers nearly in place. Finally I arranged the flowers with tallest and wisest flowers in the center and then worked my way out to the sides! So simple! 

I also made a fun breakfast table for my kids to eat their muffins, watch the parade, color and write what they are thankful for! I found this fun tablecloth at Target! My son was so surprised ! Ed having fun with it as I finish writing this post! ;) 

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours! We certainly have so much to be thankful for! Especially these two little ones! It's amazing to think that my daughter wasn't even born yet last thanksgiving!!!! What a blessed year we have had! Looking forward to many more!!! 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy Problem!

My mother use to always say "that's a happy problem" to remind her kids to count their blessings. Today I have a big "happy problem" . Any girl would love a huge masterbedroom. My new bedroom is spacious with a huge sitting area . The sitting area is almost as large as our previous bedroom!!!  
Im thankful for such a beautiful room but also a little stuck with what to do with it ! Designing larger spaces is not something I  am use to! And my husband is not thrilled about buying even more furniture! Lol .....Do any design friends have suggestions? Particularly budget friendly suggestions? I normally would go used furniture hunting with my Dad but sadly he and his trusty truck are 10 hours away! (Tear)! Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated! We also still need to hang the curtains, mirrors and pictures! Little by little! ;) 

Xo, Kelly 

What a fun week!

We are settling in well to our new home , and new state! We were lucky to have one of my best friends visit us for Halloween!

 It was so nice to have a familiar face and some much needed girl time! Her visit helped with my homesickness ! 

The kids had a blast trick or treating in our new neighborhood! Our new neighborhood has two playgrounds within walking distance so my son is in his glory!

Fall is beautiful here because the leaves still change but the weather is in 70's and 60's most days! 
 My son loves his new preschool so that has been a big blessing!  We are slowly but surely getting our house together! Hopefully soon we will have more rooms/spaces to post and eventually a house tour. and more regular home decor posts! Thank you everyone for your support! Xoxo Kelly 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Sneak Peak at the two new family room chairs!

Yesterday was a quiet family day at our house. It was chilly outside for the first day so my husband made beef stew, played outside with my son and he put two more ikea chairs together for us! Superdad and husband! I still have to iron the slipcovers but besides from the wrinkles they look great and they are super comfy! I'm happy with the scale. It's a large room so these large chairs help fill up some space. They didn't seem to hard to put together , but then again my husband has has a lot of practice lately! I paired the chairs with beautiful fog colored serena and lily pillows. I love mixing inexpensive items ( ikea furniture) with more expensive splurges. The pillows and soon to come ottoman were my splurges! I love that the new chairs are slipcovers that I can wash if they ( or should I say when they) get dirty. They would also be inexpensive to buy replacement covers if they accidentally get a stain that can not be removed. That was certainly a selling point as a mother to young kids!