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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A little something extra!

I added a few more pillows in beige from serena and lily and my pottery barn beige flower pillow! Sometimes in design you need to add something after looking at it for a day ... And I think adding these pillows were the extra touch needed! 

Little by little it's coming together ! Can't wait to change the legs to a tapered walnut and for the ottoman and chairs to arrive! 

Happy Wednesday! 
Xo, Kelly 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A little more progress today!

Some serena and lily pillows arrived today for the couch! 
We are still waiting for replacement couch legs in walnut from uncle bobs workshop ( more about his shop in a later post) as well as a serena and liky ottoman ! My husband put together the kitchen table today ! Yippee!

And he will put together the matching counter stools and two chairs for the family room on his next day off. Little by little ... Piece by piece we are getting there! 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Settling In

We are settling in nicely to our new home! Yesterday we had our first family day at the new house! We took a long walk exploring our new neighborhood. Later on, My husband put the couch together last night ! Yay!

 And our sweet new neighbors had a nice get together to welcome us to the neighborhood! We met three different families! We even sat outside on their patio in short sleeve shirts at 4pm at the end October!!! That would have never happened in New England! Everyone was exhausted at the end of the day and feel asleep on the new couch! It has been 75 degrees and sunny! Very different than the New England weather we are used to! 

My son started his new pre school this morning! He was so excited! I was a little sad to drop my little guy off at school after spending the last two weeks with him, but I was happy that he was so excited to meet new friends! 
I actually found some free time today (gasp! ) and decided to take a little snuggle with my princess today! 
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday!! 
XO, Kelly 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Furniture arrived !

I was trying to make my husband happy by saving money by ordering most of the new furniture we needed for the house from Ikea but I'm not sure he will be so happy putting it all together! Yikes! 

But I'm so excited to finally have furniture to sit on! I'm also excited to see it all come together. By saving money on Ikea pieces I was able to splurge on a gorgeous serena and lily ottoman and pillows ! 

I'll just have to wait a few more weeks on those items! More pictures to come soon! 
Xo, Kelly

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Moving week!

Two weeks ago my husband was offered a job out of state by his company! It was a great opportunity for our family but I was heartbroken to leave my parents and siblings (my children's grandparents aunts and uncles). I think I went through all the stages of grief ....Denial, shock, bargening , anger and depression! As I reminded myself that no one died I also had to let myself be a little sad, it was still a huge loss for me. Besides the family and friends we were leaving behind I also was sad to leave our house! My husband said it was just nails and wood but it was so much more to me! I loved  our little house and leaving it was very emotional for me! It was the house my husband and I bought when we first got engaged and it was the house I brought my babies home from the hospital when they were born! The nurseries where I rocked my babies to sleep endless nights held such an emotional attachment for me! We left last Saturday at 5 in the morning and I took this final picture of our kitchen before the sun was even up. 
After driving ten hours in the car with two children through rain storms and a tornado alert we made it safely to our new home! Did I mention we never saw the house or town in person? Everything happened so suddenly that we found a house online and signed on the dotted line without seeing it first! Crazy I know!!! Luckily it is just as beautiful in person as it was in the pictures and the neighborhood is picture perfect! That was a huge blessing! 

Luckily my mom came with us for ten days to help us with the kids, help us move and unpack. She is superwomen! She is the most hardworking and unselfish person I know! She didn't stop working night and day for ten days straight! We are completely unpacked and I am more organized then I ever have been before thanks to her help! 

She left this morning and I can't help but feel emotional!  My mom is my best friend and before the move we would see each other almost daily! It will certainly be an adjustment living so far from her and the rest of my family! I have never lived more than 10 miles from my family. I even commuted to college! Haha 

On a more cheerful note , decorating the new house has been fun! I started to design one of the guestbedrooms (more pictures to come soon)! 
and we are waiting for the kitchen and family room furniture to arrive! For now the kids have one giant play room and seem to be enjoying not having any furniture! More design posts to come soon! Yay! 

I also finally have a proper place for my milk glass that my father had collected for me piece by piece! 

And we have only had a few moving casualties! I was sad to see one of our dining room chairs had sadly ripped a hole in the back ... But at the end of the day it is just a chair ! What matters most is that we are all are safe and sound especially during our 10 hour ride through a tornado alert! Talk about stressful!!! 

It has been an exciting, adventurous , emotional and exhausting week to say the least! But we are settling in well and im so happy that my kids are adjusting well and seem to be content in their new home! I apologize for the lack of posts these last few weeks ! In sorry to anyone left a comment or email that I have not responded to yet! I will get back on track soon! 
Today I will try not to miss family and  I am counting my blessings and relaxing with my kids on this beautiful fall Saturday! My son in watching toy story for the millionth time while wearing his buzz lightyear halloween costume ( that he refuses to take off)!
We plan on baking cookies and going on a walk and just enjoying each other's company! 

Just an easy and relaxing day! Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend too! 
Xo, Kelly