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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Here it is! My mother's Easter Table !

And a few personal pictures mixed in of my two year old, husband , sister in law and sister!!!

Here are some personal family photos of the day!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from Peaceful Home Decor!  Out of the million of Easter  related posts from the blog communities this past month......Style Me Pretty Living  has the most beautiful easter decor, flowers, and DIY egg projects. Here are a few of my favorite. You can check them all out here.  Happy Easter Everyone!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Sneak Peak!

We brought our two year old to my parents house to color Easter eggs tonight and I got a sneak peak at the beautiful flower arrangements that my mother prepared for Easter! Aren't they beautiful! I can't wait to see her table on Sunday! You can see her St. Patricks's Day table decor here.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gold Bedroom Decor

I fell in love with the gold flowered wallpaper #4 below!  The wallpaper is from Hygge and West and called Petal Pusher! I love it! And wouldn't that paper go so nicely with the gold fleur pillow from Caitlin Wilson textiles #3 that I blogged about recently here.( How beautiful would this bedroom be ?!?!  The gold accents, pillows and decor would go so nicely together!  

1,3,7- Caitlin Wilson Textiles (Gold Dot Pillow, Gold Fleur Pillow, Gold Chevron Pillow)

2- Restoration hardware Belgian Slipcovered Camelback Headboard

4- Petal Pusher Wallpaper

5- Serena and Lily Hammered Metal Lamp - Etched Floral

6-Pottery Barn Florentine Deer Mercury Glass Hurricane

8- Pottery Barn Mason Boucle Jute Rug- Bleached Ivory

9-  Pottery Barn Bronze Metal Clad Mirror,

Friday, March 22, 2013

Easter Table Top Decor Inspiration

Growing up I had a strong dislike for Easter! Our house had a million little eggs and bunnies around ever corner and on the actual day we had to wake up so early and wear an easter dress. I still remember the uncomfortable feeling of my white tights falling to my knees with no way to hike them up in church! As an adult I love Easter. It is one of my favorite  holidays. I get to dress my son up for church and our entire family gets together! Easter is my grandfather's favorite holiday and it is always right around his birthday. He will be 94 this year! I cherish every Easter we have together.  I still however despise the cheesy bunny and egg decorations. This may be because one year my mother broke her leg and it took our family weeks to take them all down after the holiday! I still cringe when I see those plastic pastel egg baskets sold at every grocery store, target! :)  I stumbled upon this beautiful table top (above) on the Mark and Gram blog. Designer Courney Lake was featured in their daily addition for this week "Design your spring table". Isn't it spectacular!

Here are a few other beautiful Easter decor themed table tops! I am unsure of the sources.  Which one do you prefer best? 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring is in the Air ? Not quite in Connecicut !

Spring is in the air... well actually it is almost on the calendar but not actually in the air in Connecticut yet! Unfortunately the snow is still lingering on the ground and the air is still crisp and cold! This is the coldest March that I can remember!  Despite the weather I am getting the itch for spring decor. I am planning on changing my picutures out in my great room (kitchen, dining room also attached to my living room).  I plan on choosing 6 of these pictures to replace the black and white ones I currently have for spring brighten up the space and connect it to my yellow and white decor in my living room. All pictures can be found on . Now I will have to decided which six to choose?? Which six would you pick? 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Who could not fall in love with Isabelle Abramson's work!

One day I stumbled across these beautiful hand crafted ceramic and silver pieces by Isabelle Abramson.  She has a studio outside of Boston and her work is so incredibly beautiful! I was sad when I saw the price tags (though I can understand why they are so expensive) . I thought even if I could afford them now (which I can not and realistically never will).....but even if I could....I would still have to wait until all of my children were grown before I would have one of her bowls or vases around the house!  You can drool at her work with me here. Until the day I win the lottery and my kids our out of the house.. I will have to settle for alternatives. Here are some alternatives from Ikea.  THe Ikea look alike vases range from  $1.99- $5.99, quite a difference from  Isabella's work which range from $425.00- $5,600 

Here are a few other look a likes from Ikea. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

They say the apple doesn't fall far and in my family this is certainly true! My mother is known as the Queen of holiday decor and she never disappoints! Not even for smaller holidays such as Valentines day or Easter ...she still goes all out! She didn't disappoint for St. Patricks day this year !!! Here is a picture of her beautiful table. The decor was Fabulous but my mother is even more remarkable! She loves having a big family and having us all get together! It can get a little hectic at times but it is always so special. She creates more than just holiday decor but family memories!

Friday, March 15, 2013

St. Patricks Day inspiration decor!

Here are a few of my favorite green rooms! Of course white is the perfect pair with green! Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

Here is a picture of my couch when I had green in my living room decor before the yellow! 

The picture below is from Sarah Richardson and was from an episode on her show from Sarah 101! I love her and all her work. This room is gorgeous! The owner was concerned about green..I don't know too many people who wouldn't be a little worried.  But the room came out so elegant, and beautiful! The mix of whites, golds, creams, dark green and mint green is divine! I think this color combo would be perfect for a guest bedroom because it's not too feminine or masculine... perfect for any guest male or female. It also would be a perfect balance for a husband and wife in a master bedroom.  

                                         And here is "pot of gold" inspiration from Catlin Wilson Textiles! Catlin is having a sale on her beautiful gold pillow covers! Hurry over to her site now for a 35% discount now through Monday 3/18 :

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Plans for this spring/summer outdoor decor!

Because my deck is right off of my kitchen/dinning/living great room, I plan to coordinate my outdoor space with the indoor. The first inspiration piece I found was from no other than Dash and Albert! I love them! They have the best outdoor rugs and now carry an outdoor pillow line! This is the most beautiful outdoor pillow I have ever seen! Its worth the $88 dollar price tag!!!! 

Next I found this Rug and yellow accent pillow also from Dash and Albert! The yellow and neutral colors will tie in perfectly with my dinning and living room and will also look beautiful with yellow and white flowers on my deck ... my favorite!
Finally,  its essential to have cushions for my love seat and chairs! The ones we had were really worn out from the sun and rain! My deck is also in need of an umbrella! I love this one by PotteryBarn! All we have is a sitting area so we needed a stand along umbrella! I love the creamy white color!  I can't wait to see how it all comes together! That is if I don't change my mind before ordering!!!! :) I will keep you posted!


Here are some beautiful yellow and white flowers that inspire me! I hope to plant some like this!


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Beautiful bowls from my beautiful sister!

She did it again! Look at these beautiful West Elm bowls my sister bought for my birthday! They are beautiful and just my style! The yellow ones are on sale now at West Elm!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

My handsome prince is two! Birthday decor!

All birthday decor is from ETSY!