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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sneak Peak!

While my husband was away on business I rearranged the family room furniture ! It always seemed to work that way ... When my husbands gone I change things up ! :) I took a quick picture after I was done and if you look closely my daughter is in her favorite hideout with her baby doll. She cracks me up! ;)

More pictures and angles to come soon. I will be on the hunt for side tables and bookcases and/or display cases. My mom is planning to visit this week and our favorite hobby together is SHOPPING! Can't wait! Speaking of shopping with Mom I took my little ones shopping at target. And they both had their first Starbucks. 
What girl doesn't love Shopping and Starbucks! 
Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! 

Friday, January 2, 2015

New ottoman!

I finally received my Serena and Lily Ottoman!  

I'm still waiting on replacement legs for the ikea  sofa. I ordered them in a dark walnut which will match the legs on the ottoman! 

I love how large the ottoman is (42" square )and how my family of four can all cuddle comfortably on the couch now!  

That's exactly what I plan to do today with my two cuties!!! Next design choices will be side tables and a few bookshelf display units for the large blank wall. Choices ... Choices!!! Stay tuned! Working on this room little by little! 

What a year!

Oh how fast a year goes by! 
We started the year with a new baby and ended with a new house ! If you told me a year ago we would be living in a new state I wouldn't believe you! It's amazing how much can change in one short year! 

It feels like yesterday we were setting up her nursery in our now "old " house! 

And now in a flash our little princess is ONE ! She has the sweetest personality shinning through now and is so much fun! 

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year!!!! 
Xoxo, Kelly