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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ideas for my bare bathroom

Below is a picture from by bare bathroom. I recently started to add some light green accents to it. But it still needs a lot of work!
I came across this Ikat fabric from Ballard Designs.
I would love to have a custom shower curtain or roman shade made from that fabric. There are tons of shops on etsy where I could have them custom made for me. Here are just a few I found.

They already have beautiful curtains on their site and many offer custom listings for fabric and length as well. It is so hard to find an extra tall shower curtain. Placing your curtain extra high can add so much length and hight to a room!

If I used the above fabric for a shower curtian I would then need a different fabric for the roman shade. I would need a complementary fabric but would prefer a neutral. I don't want it to be too busy or overly green! I love this neutral Ikat fabric also from Ballard designs. Mostly because its greige my favorite staple color but also my favorite fabric linen! Linen makes everything more beautiful and luxurious! This fabric is perfect because greige is also the wall color in the bathroom, and the Ikat print connects to the other chosen fabric for the shower curtain.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Here are some gorgeous grey rooms from Ethan Allen. I am not sure why I am loving grey at the moment... maybe its the dreary winter ... or maybe its because my husband is away on buisness this week and it makes me feel a little down.. but either way these rooms are beautiful and far from boring and dreary!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Who says grey is boring?

Who says Grey has to be boring? I find neutral colors relaxing! I love all of these and dream of a peacefully grey bedroom, however some of these may be too feminine for my husbands taste! A girl can dream though! :) What accent color do you think would look best with a light grey color scheme?
Above: Anthropologie Georgina Euro Sham Light Grey
Above:West Elm Safari Rug

Above:Layla Grayce Pom Pom Home linen

Above: Etsy Secdus Shop- Huge Linen Flower


Above: Anthropologie Georgia Duvet and Below: Layla Grayce Oly Studio Sophie side chair

Below: West Elm Ellery Chair in Rossette Platinum print

I heart Serna and Lily!

In my dreams my house would be decorated heavily with Serna and lily furniture and textiles! I love them.. who could not! I love all their fabrics.. especially the colorful ones! However, I have never been brave enough (or rich enough) to buy colorful accent furniture! Instead all of my investment furniture have been neutrals. When we first bought our house we bought our main living and dining furniture from Ethan Allen ! It was expensive but worth every penny! Because they were big ticket items we were conservative and choose whites, naturals and browns. This has worked for us because we can change the pillows, curtains and rugs as needed to transform our space. (see christmas to yellow cheer below). However, this does not stop me from fantasizing about having their luxurious furniture pieces in bright colors and dramatic patterns!
Look at all the fabric patterns to choose from for throw pillows, chairs, couches, ottams, any thing you can think of with so many color and pattern options! What a dream!

I love playing around on their website trying different patterns on different furniture peices! Wouldn't this ottoman with yellow maize spade fabric look amazing in my yellow living room?!?!

I would also love these light grey and silver pillows! Simple yet stunning!

I also love their prints on headboards. They add an extra special and unexpected touch!

And last but not least.. if I ever had a little girl I would LOVE to design her entire room around that gorgeous pink chair!


Just before christmas we had to pay 9,000 for a roof on an "investment" (money-pit) property that we own. Also I stopped working last February when baby J was born to stay home with him and go to school full time. Luckily I graduate in May and hopefully I will have a part time job that pays me instead of my now free labor internship! So until then I am on a spending freeze.. no shopping for me! However my birthday is just around the corner (hint -hint) :) Here is what Im dreaming about buying today!
The rug, mugs and bowls are from West Elm


My baby boy is 2 years old! I can't believe it! I had so much fun making his nursery and I hate to think of the day he will get a "big boy room".  I am amazed at how fast these two years went! I remember when I was first pregnant and did not know his sex. I could only look at and plan a baby-blue room. That is how I knew I was having a boy because I love pink and all things girly! My wedding was as pink as it could get! ( see below photo for proof! ) However when I was pregnant I found my self drawn to light baby blue, peaceful light greens, and earth tones. So at 19 weeks pregnant when the ultrasound technician told us "Its a boy!" .... well she actually said " There is the scrotum! " (Words I will never forget, who would think the word scrotum would make me and my husband cry !" But there was no surprise.. I knew all along that I was going to have a precious LITTLE PRINCE! I love how his room came out. So peaceful and tranquil. I spent many nights rocking him and loved every second even when I was very sleep deprived. This was the first completed room in our house, every last detail was accounted for!

One important tip for new mom's... see the difference between the bumper on the top photo and the bottom..well the top photo was taken before he was born. I bought a beautiful POM POM HOME bumper from Layla grayce. However my pediatrician said not to use bumpers due to risk for Sudden infant death syndrom. So off the bumpers went. Then around 5/6 months he began to get his arms and legs stuck outside the rails of the crib. So I bought those breathable bumpers from babies-r-us. They are not as beautiful as the pom pom home bumpers but as all moms know you will do ANYTHING for the safety of your child ! They work great, keeping his arms and legs safe, and they are mesh so there is no risk for SIDS!

 Growing with the room!!!! 

Newborn (9 days old) 


3 Months 

1 Year 

18 Months 

24 Months 

Picture of my girly pink wedding reception! 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Yellow To Cheer up this Dull Cold Winter

Today the christmas decor went down! My 10 month old watched me in confusion as I took down all the sparkling and cheerful decor. I was late taking it down, mostly because it was baby J's first Christmas and it was sad that it was already over! But yesterday I had ENOUGH! I was tired of the green and was wishfully hoping winter would rush by and spring would come! I was in the mood for cheerful yellow!

Here was our Christmas Decor for 2011:

Stocking are from a women named cynthia. I found her on Etsy. I have been following her blog called She also has a site where you can buy them at

The new yellow decor is cheerful! Can you tell I am wishing for spring?