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Sunday, February 24, 2013

I have the sudden desire to make a navy blue big boy room for my two year old Jack!

 My son is turning two in less than a week and I have the sudden and extreme desire to make him a big boy room! I adore his nursery, and it is filled with so many wonderful memories! I become so emotional when I think of the day that I will have to take it down...and often hope that our next child will also be boy so I can keep it and its memories living a little longer! However, out of the blue (navy blue to be exact) I have the strong desire to create a big boy room for Jack! Maybe its because he is turning two and somehow as parents we become "ready" for things when they do! I was talking to a dear friend of mine who's third boy is getting ready for college. I said:" I get so sad when I think of the day that Jack will go away to college...I will never be ready for that". Her response was one I will never forget! She said " Somehow naturally you become ready when they are ready"! She explained that her son's make messes and don't clean up, argue about curfew, and are unhappy living at home. She stated: "Living though the 'real life' drama of teenagers - Makes You Ready! Her message was that as they become ready to go, you (while wanting to pull your hair out) simultaneously become ready to let them spread their wings and fly! I guess this advice holds true to my nursery! I cherish it so much...but I am not sure it represents the "little boy" that Jack has become and that I am SO VERY PROUD OF!  It represents the baby that I loved and cherished but not my "big guy"! Above is a picure of my beloved baby boy and baby blue nursery and a few pictures of inspiration of the navy blue big boy room I am craving for him! All -Big Boy Room- pictures and items from and

Monday, February 18, 2013

Longing for Spring and Peonies!!!!

I hate the cold and the winters are so long and dreary in Connecticut! I long for the days of spring, and flowers and warm sunny weather, but most of all I wait all year for my peonies to arrive! They bloom the first week of June which coincidentally is our Anniversary June 7th to be exact. And to make that even more special they were our wedding flower. I carried a bouquet of white peonies down the isle. Simple and beautiful!  Some years our garden peonies bloom exactly on our anniversary! Sadly we are usally away on vacation that week and miss them, and they typically only last two weeks or so.  The above picture is of beautiful faux peonies. I consider investing in a faux pair to have the beauty of peonies year round. I may one day invest in some. But there is somethings so special about the limited time I have two -to-three weeks tops of beautiful , elegant , real life peonies! In my opinion nothing else tops their simple beauty! They are perfection! Below is a picture of my father walking me walking down the isle ! It is hard to believe it will be five years in June! I can't wait for warm weather, walking our two year old son in the carriage and of course the blooming of beautiful peonies! June  please hurry up!!!! Until then I could always buy the beautiful faux bouquet above from Horchow!  You can too...see link below! 


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Presidents Day: Red, White and Blue Inspiration From Alice Lane Home

All pictures from

Beautiful Bone Inlay Lamp!

Isn't this one of the most beautiful lamps you have ever seen?
It retails for $732.00 and you can find it at  coach barn.

This would be a perfect lamp for each bedside table in my master bedroom, with all my creams and other bone inlay accents like my jewelry box, frames and picture frame! 

Friday, February 15, 2013

I Heart Alice Lane !

Alice Lane is a home store and interior design service in Utah. Oh how I wish they were in Connecticut!!! The pictures shown are of the store, and their client's homes designed by Alice Lane. More pictures can be found on their website and pinterest (link below). I would be in heaven shopping there! I love all their work and all their furnishings! Here are a few of my favorite design projects of theirs!  

Monday, February 11, 2013

My cherished Christmas gift!

This was the second Christmas our family decided to do secret Santa! I had no idea who picked me and honestly didn't put too much tought into it. Christmas was no longer about material gifts and thus was the first Christmas my son 18 months could understand and be excited about Santa so it was All About Him!!!! It was my turn to unwraps gift and I could see my older sister getting more and more restless! She handed me a small gift ... As I was unwrapping it I thought this looks like a rug pad but why? Not letting myself think of the reasons/ possibilities. I remember hearing her say .... And you need a rug pad for this gift ... Pointing to a large warped cylinder gift that I have no idea how I didn't notice before!!! Exited to get any rug made me tearful because I have wanted a rug or two for my kit hen and living room forever .... Never imaging what I would be opening would not just be any rug but THE rug that I have wanted, loved, and stocked online for so long! Only a sister and only my sister would be able to know this! She is the only one to read this blog! That is how she knew! It was line she read my mind or my own private Christmas list that I didn't tell anyone! I cried , hugged her forever and jumped up and down !! It is now even more special now that she gave it to me! She is the greatest sister with the most giving heart who has always been there for me and can always read my mind!!!Here are a few pictures if my beautiful rug!