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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Purple Orchid for Spring!

I am loving my new purple orchid in my yellow living room .... It's so cheerful for spring!!!! I asked my husband to bring home a few things from the grocery store after work the other day and he came home with this beautiful orchid! I am one lucky girl!!!! Stop-and -shop always has beautiful orchids! They also usually have beautiful peonies in late spring as well !!! I am so happy spring is finally here!!!!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

"Colorful" White Kitchens!

 I love neutral colors and could be perfectly content with an entire house filled with white, beige, tan and grey! But color can help change the mood of your home and make it feel so much more cheerful! Having my son has brought so much excitement and cheer into our lives! And don't you want your home ultimately to represent you and your family?!?  So I wanted to add some of his sunshine throughout the house and therefore choose yellow for the living room/dinning room! Since I have an open floor plan (kitchen, living , dining combination) I am now thinking of ways to incorporate yellow into my all white kitchen.  Look at these beautiful "colorful" white kitchens! I will probably never be daring enough to add THAT much color in my house...but it is nice to admire others who do!

A Beautiful Yellow and White Kitchen!

Accents of Turquoise  and blue



Fianaly Beautiful light pink accents! More my style ! Pink is still a unique choice for a kitchen! It works so beautiful in  these three spaces! Don't you think?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The White Shed: White/Neutral/Black Elegant Country Home Furniture And Decor

If you love shopping at White House | Black Market for clothes ...then you will love The White Shed for home furniture , decor , and jewelry! Yes ...a home store that sells Jewelry ! (How fabulous is that! ) The White Shed is an online home store selling timeless and elegant items with accents of white, neutral and black with a touch of country.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Package from Turkey!

I love buying all sorts of items from Etsy! I have purchased everything from pictures,  t-shirts, ties, birthday decor and even cookies. I love purchasing hand made and customizable items! My all time favorite item to buy from Etsy is pillow covers! I bought my first  few Etsy pillow covers from The Home Centric!  She is amazing! She lives in India and all the pillows are made by hand with beautiful fabric. She is even making curtains now which I am very excited about!!! My original color scheme was green and white (See below) and I still use these pillows during the holiday season! These pillows were purchased in January 2010. You just can not find this handmade quality in a store!!!!!!


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 Today I was thrilled to find this package in the mail!  These pillows are from Turkey also from Estsy at PillowMe! I was searching for a pillow that would blend well with the yellow medallion rug I have and the Yellow Damask Pillows that I already owned. PillowMe had excellent service! The packaging was beautiful. the shipping was extra fast, and she even sent me an extra pillow cover due to a small confusion/language barrier! I will definitely buy from this store again! 
Here is the Etsy ad of the pillow cover I purchased! It can be hard to tell the exact color online 

I was so excited to see when it arrived that the color matched perfectly with my rug and cream drapes! YAY! 

 I wanted the color to coordinate with my cream silk drapes ,and yellow rug but not clash with the strong patterns already on the rug and demask pillows! I was stumped... until I found these on Etsy!!!! Aren't they simple and beautiful? They coordinate with out clashing with the other pillows!

The yellow damask pillows are also from Etsy from thislittlehome. You will also find afordable curtians on this site too!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Caitlin Wilson!

If you love bright and beautiful colors in your home you will surely love Caitlin Wilson! Her textile designs are bright, cheerful, vibrant and sophisticated! I have been a huge fan of her work for a long time! Her collection and interior design work is not only impressive but she is also a mother of 2! I always admire mother's who are successful and talented!  You can buy her textile's online here and her blog here.  I was so excited that she is expanding her collection!!! YAY! I wish her the very best and I am  excited to see where her line is heading in the future! I am sure it will only become more and more successful!!!! If you are looking to add some cheerful and bright colors in your home for SPRING I'm sure you will find an inspiring color combination from Caitlin!