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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Milk glass and sparkly bulbs... Two of my favorite things!

I love my milk glass collection, especially because my parents found every piece for me at yard sales and antique shops! Each one holds a special memory ! I also love sparkly Christmas decor and bulbs! Together they make me happy! ;) 

The white box to the left also has significant value to me! My 94 year old grandfather made that flower box for me with his own two hands , nails and saw right before he passed away. I keep it and the two others he made for me on my deck in the summer and now in the winter they will be front and center in my holiday decor , brining a little piece of my "Poppas" to our Christmas even if we can't be with him physically!  Miss him terribly! Especially this time of year and it being the first Christmas without him! 

Hope everyone is enjoying decorating for this special time of year! We are having a blast decorating our new home! My son is so excited he is calling it "The Christmas House"! 

Xo, Kelly 


Don´t Call Your Mum said...

Hi Kelly!
I like your milk glass collection so much! here in Spain is so difficult to find that kind of pieces. With the bubbles they make the perfect combination!
Regards from Spain!

Kelly - Peaceful Home Decor said...

Thanks Leti you are so sweet! Thanks for reading ! I always wanted to visit Spain! My sister has been a few times and loves it! Happy Holidays!

Don´t Call Your Mum said...

I definitely reccommend you to visit Valencia, it is my city and it´s gorgeous!
I want to invite you to my blog if you want! it is called don´t call your mum... Happy holidays for you too!